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8" Lapidary Cabbing Machine

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Turn rocks into cabochons with our heavy-duty, smooth and affordable cabbing machine

Where can you find the best cabbing machine that comes with all the lapidary supplies and accessories to create beautiful cabochon gemstones? Look no further, as your search ends here with Jewels & Tools’ Cabbing Machine.

Our lapidary cabbing machine will allow you to work effectively and without any hustle, providing the best and valuable results. This cab machine comes with a durable, direct-drive, and single-shaft motor (1 HP for 8” model) that ensures efficient quality of work. The cab machine is equipped with a set of 6 wheels (2 - Hard Diamond wheels, 4 - Soft Resin Bond Wheels) that are well-balanced and precise. The smooth, ultra-edge cutting and polishing quality of our cabochon machine’s lapidary wheels will ensure there are no scratches or flat spots surfaces on your cabochons gemstones.

This cabbing machine is built to last and outperform most traditional methods of cabbing. With this well-built and sturdy cab machine, you will gain wholesome joy and satisfaction of making stone cabochons that are finely cut and polished.

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  • The 8” model of cabbing machine is backed by a 1 HP strong motor. The direct-drive, single shaft motor comes with thermal protected ball bearing and copper windings. It’s designed by our team of technicians for heavy-duty grinding. This ensures long-lasting potentiality of the machine. 
  • The base of the machine is made of cast Aluminium. It’s durable, sturdy and adds sufficient weight to the machine, which is important to keep it steady and well-balanced while operating.
  • The machine sits on a solid wooden board which is water-proof. This ensures it does not get deformed due to prolonged exposure to water. It further helps to maintain the stability of the machine.
  • The spacing between the lapidary wheels is ample to establish a comfortable working area to perform cabbing on larger stones as well. This allows you to use even side rims of the wheels without any hindrance.
  • The stainless steel hood on the top of the cab machine can be easily raised for inspection, easy mounting/unmounting of wheels, and cleaning, as per your convenience.
  • The left shaft of the machine utilises 2 Hard Diamond wheels ( #100, #260 grits) and 1 Soft Resin Bond wheel (#260) which is the coarsest among other Resin Wheels. The right side shaft of the machine utilises 3 Soft Resin bond wheels (#600, #1200, #3000 grits.) An ideal sequence of wheels is achieved with this placement for the cabbing process. It allows you to begin and move from the leftmost wheel for grinding to the next wheel on right for finer process of grinding and polishing.
  • The shaft is tapped for ½”-20 at both ends to house spin-on polish heads, aluminium laps, diamond facet laps, polish pads, etc. These laps can be mounted by removing the side covers at the ends and then utilise the laps according to your convenience.
  • The cabbing machine consists of a 1” versatile shaft which can accept a variety of 1” arbor hole size wheels such as silicon carbide, diamond wheels, or rubber expandable drums, as per your utility.
  • The stainless steel side covers are removable to allow usage of a polishing lap or a felt polishing pad and for easy cleaning and maintenance of the cab machine.
  • It has an adjustable drip water system with shut off valves made of Brass to control the flow of water on the wheels. This ensures that the process of cutting cabochons is smooth and avoids overheating of the wheels.
  • It also has a systemised drainage system to eliminate the accumulation of draining water in the machine.
  • It comes with an in-built adjustable bright LED lamp for optimum vision during cutting and polishing gemstones.
  • The speed of the motor is at a steady 1425 RPM, which is an ideal speed required for cutting fine and accurate stone cabochons.
  • The edges of the base of the machine are covered with soft pipes. They serve as hand rests while working. This ensures your cabbing experience is pleasant and comfortable.



  • Use of materials like cast aluminum for the base, stainless steel for the hood, and Water-proof wood for the board ensure that our cabbing machine is heavy-duty, lasts long, needs little maintenance and is a valuable investment. Most other machines resort to using a plastic base that isn’t as sturdy and prone to damage or have particle boards that are not water-proof and deform easily on prolonged exposure to water.
  • The 8” model of our cabbing machine comes with a 1 HP heavy-duty motor as compared to a ¾ HP on most other machines, which means a more powerful engine for consistent operations and lasting results.
  • An added advantage of the motor engine is that it’s a direct-drive motor which means it doesn’t have pulleys or belts to facilitate rotation of wheels. This means that you can apply force on the wheels while cabbing without slowing them down. 
  • The machine is almost silent while running. It makes your experience more enjoyable and less annoying.
  • It comes equipped with one of the best diamond wheels in the industry that are trusted and loved by many across the world.
  • It’s priced competitively and is considerably cheaper than similar machines in the market. It proves to be a valuable investment cabbing machine which ensures superior quality results for cabbing.
  • The water valves are made of high-quality brass. This makes them last long and not clog easily.
  • It is an easy-to-use, maintain, and convenient cabbing machine as it is rust free and requires least effort to clean the machine. This makes it an ideal choice whether you’re an amateur, a hobbyist, or a master of the technique.
  • The submersible water pump provided with the machine is a mute pump which ensures that your concentration is not interfered with unnecessary noises while cabbing.
  • All the necessary accessories that are required for smooth functioning of your work are provided with the cab machine
  • It is a fully set-up machine, which means you don’t have to worry about manually changing and swapping between diamond and resin-bond wheels for effortless cabbing of cabochon gemstones.



  • Height x Width x Depth: 15” X 43” X 20”
  • Motor spindle speed: 1425 RPM
  • Motor HP: 1 HP 
  • Wheel diameter: 8”
  • Lap diameter: 6”
  • Electric Supply: 220 volts, 110 volts
  • Net weight: 55 Kg



  • 1 X Direct-drive, single-shaft Motor 1 HP
  • 2 X Hard Diamond Wheels  8” X 2”
  • 4 X Soft Resin Bond Diamond Wheels   8” X 2”
  • 1 X  Diamond Lap  6”
  • 1 X Adjustable LED light
  • 1 X Submersible Water Pump
  • 2 X Water Pipe to connect the pump with the machine
  • 8 X Brass Valve (6 at the front for the wheels, 2 at the back for side laps)
  • 2 X Drainage pipe
  • 8 X Aluminum Spacers
  • 1 X Tool kit (Spanners, Screwdriver, Nuts & Bolts)



  • Ensure that the wheels have been mounted in the correct sequence from left to right. We advise coarser wheels on the left and finer ones on the right.
  • Place the pump in a bucket with clean water, connect its pipes to the cab machine and turn it on.
  • Attach the drainage pipes to the machine with one end on the openings on the back of the machine and another end in a separate empty bucket to collect drainage water. You may choose to recycle the same water by using a common bucket for pump and drainage.
  • It’s advised to mount the stone on a dop stick for safety (especially for smaller pieces). However, you may choose to keep the stone in hand if you are experienced or the piece is large enough for cabbing.
  • Turn on the motor and start grinding the cabochon gemstone on the leftmost/coarsest hard wheel. Turn on the water supply for the wheel using the valve on top if required.
  • It’s advised to wear an apron while working to avoid getting drenched in water.
  • Use the adjustable LED light for better visibility if required.
  • Keep checking the stone cabochon intermittently to monitor its shape and polish.
  • Now move to the less coarse hard or a soft wheel for finer grinding and repeat the process.
  • Once done with grinding, move further right to the finer soft wheels for polishing the stone.



  • 1-year manufacturer warranty (Does not include physical damage and consumables).
  • Installation and operation support.
  • Drop us an email at sales@jewelsntools.com or contact us from the website for any assistance. We’d be quick to respond and glad to help.



  • Time for shipping varies depending on the shipping region but usually, it takes a maximum of 5-7 business days to be delivered anywhere in the world, once it’s dispatched. 
  • The shipping of our cabbing machine is insured. 
  • The machine ships from India. For International customers, the fees on import duty or customs charges will not be incurred by us. Every country’s customs policies are different and must be considered by the customers on their own.
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