Aluminum Master Lap

Aluminum Master Lap

Perfect Diamond Lap

Perfect Diamond laps are ideal for faceting, grinding and polishing all kinds of precious, semiprecious and synthetic gemstones. These diamond laps are made of high-grade steel, which makes them sturdy and ensures long life.

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  • Made from high-quality RVD Diamond Grit bonded firmly on a steel plate by an electroplating process.
  • Perfectly flat and parallel to the surface.

  • Come with a standard 1/2" arbor.

  • Available in 6" and 8" diameter, Custom made lapping discs can also be supplied in the desired grit size. Contact us for a custom order.

  • You can also choose an Aluminum backing plate in conjunction with these laps. They are also available in 6" & 8" diameter to suit your diamond lap.
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