Perfect Diamond Resin Wheel

Perfect Diamond Resin Wheels are manufactured with high-grade Industrial Resin and premium RVD synthetic diamonds. Research has shown that RVD diamonds, when bonded with suitable resins, are best for polishing gemstones. These SOFT Wheels can be mounted on all cabbing machines. These diamond resin wheels are suitable for cabbing, smoothing, grinding and pre-polishing gemstones. 

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  • Made with high-grade industrial Resin and premium RVD synthetic diamonds.
  • Have a strong Plastic hub, which also makes them very lightweight.
  • Available in different sizes: 6"X1-1/2" and 8"X2" in the following grits: 100#,260#,600#,1200#,3000#,14000# and 50000#.
  • Comes with standard 1" arbor with reducers for 3/4",5/8" and 1/2".
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