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Continuous Rim Diamond Lapidary  Saw Blade

Continuous Rim Diamond Lapidary Saw Blade

Thin Diamond Saw Blade

The Perfect thin diamond saw blade from the house of Jewels & Tools is ideal for cutting expensive stones, where you would want minimum wastage. From gemstones to watch jewels, ceramic tubes, rods glass, silicon carbide, graphite electrodes, and quartz, our diamond saw blades can cut almost any rock with precision. The Perfect thin diamond saw blade is designed for industry and users who understand and appreciate quality. As our blade holds the waste to a minimum and maintains the speed, it is desired globally.

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  • Highest quality thin diamond saw blades with thickness of 0.1 mm (It's almost paper thin!).
  • Made with high-grade spring steel.
  • Great to use with water as well as oil-based coolants.
  • Perfectly flat and parallel to the surface.
  • Available in a range of diameters to match your saw machine and lapidary needs.
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