Trim Saw Grinding Machine

Trim Saw Grinding Machine

Lapidary Trim Saw

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Here’s a Lapidary Trim Saw that is best suited for all kinds of cutting, trimming, even slabbing (with 6”-8” model)

Cutting stones into small usable sizes of gemstones is easier than ever with this all-stainless-steel, silent, and vibration-free saw machine. Whether you are a lapidary beginner, professional, or hobbyist, our saw machine is ideal for all the sawing needs. 

The saw machine comes with a heavy-duty, direct drive 2800 RPM 0.5 HP (6"-8" model) and 1400 RPM 0.25 HP (4"-6" Model) strong motor for undertaking cutting operations. It also houses a functional water compartment with a drainage system and necessary splash guards for a hassle-free and seamless working experience.

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  • This saw is a heavy-duty machine for cutting out cabochon preforms, or fine trimming faceted stones or slicing through rough gemstones, or slabbing larger rocks (6”-8” model).
  • The housing of the machine is composed of an all stainless steel body, utilizing the best quality steel which is indestructible, and lightweight. Resultantly, the machine becomes sturdy, durable, and easy to handle.
  • This saw machine is manufactured in two models: One that accepts 4”-6” saw blades, and the other one that incorporates larger 6”-8” saw blades.
  • The 6"-8" model is backed by a solid and powerful 0.5 HP, 2880 RPM motor which is ideal for sawing even slabs. The 4"-6" model is backed by a 0.25 HP, 1400 RPM motor.
  • The machine’s design incorporates a blade guard for the protection of saw blades that also doubles as a splash guard.
  • The base of the machine nestles on sturdy shockproof legs to minimize vibrations. This provides stability for those fine and precision cuts.
  • The shaft of the machine is available in two types of arbor sizes, 20 mm or 5/8” for convenient mounting of saw blades.
  • For a convenient cutting process, the trim saw machine comprises a functional water compartment built at its base. This acts as a coolant reservoir. It is covered with a working saw table and has a drain hose attached to the back.
  • The saw table is big enough to rest your hands comfortably while operating the machine and have a sufficient working area.


  • Complete machine with the motor 
  • Splash Guards
  • Toolkit 


  • Height x Width x Depth: 19” x 22” x 13.5” (6”-8” Model), 15” X 13.5” X 13” (4”-6” Model)
  • Motor Spindle Speed: 2800 RPM (6"-8" Model) , 1400 RPM (4"-6" Model)
  • Motor HP: 1/2 HP (6"-8" Model) , 1/4 HP (4"-6" Model)
  • Blade Size: from 6” upto 8” (6"-8" Model), from 4” upto 6” (4"-6" Model)
  • Electric Supply: 220 Volts, 110 Volts
  • Net Weight: ~28 Kg (6”-8” Model), ~21Kg (4”-6” Model) 


  • A trim saw machine requires the stone to be fed by hand. You must ensure that your vision is in a direct line with the saw blade to know if you’re feeding the stone straight.
  • For cutting perfectly, you can put a mark on the area where the stone needs to be cut. This marked line should be put straight with the cutting blade.
  • It’s generally advised to wear glasses or face shield, apron, and gloves for safety precautions while working at the trim saw machine.
  • It is critical to select suitable and appropriate saw blades to meet the required cutting results. You may explore Diamond saw blades here.
  • Any accumulation of dust or broken chips that may interrupt the working of the motor should be cleared off from the machine.
  • Allow the saw blade on the Trim Saw machine to cut steadily. It means that the cutting should not be forced with high pressure.
  • As a safety measure, before adjusting or changing the saw blade on the machine, the power supply should be disconnected.
  • The trim saw machine should be cleaned regularly to remove sawdust or any other particles. The table around the blade should also be kept clean of any debris as it can result in deflecting the stone.
  • This trim saw machine works well with sufficient lubrication with water, which is not a toxic lubricator as compared to other water-soluble oils.


  • The machine is corrosion and rust-free due to the stainless steel body. It can be easily cleaned without any fuss.
  • A Trim Saw machine is an ideal choice for cutting valuable, soft, or fragile gemstones as it leads to minimum loss as compared to hammering.
  • The controlled cutting process on a trim saw machine will not lead to creating new fractures or increasing the existing ones if there are any in the gemstone. 
  • It uses a direct-drive motor so no need to straddle with belts or pulleys while using the machine.
  • The Trim Saw machine has been designed by our team of adept engineers, ensuring a silent and almost vibration-free operating experience. 
  • This trim saw machine is quality-built and long-lasting lapidary equipment. 
  • The machine proves to be an economical and valuable investment for consistent superior cutting and trimming results.
  • The saw table provides a large working space for improved and seamless cutting results of the smallest gemstones.


  • 1-year manufacturer warranty (Does not cover physical damage and consumables).
  • Installation and operation support.
  • Drop us an email at or contact us from the website for any assistance. We’d be quick to respond and glad to help.


  • The machine is shipped in sturdy box packaging.
  • Time for shipping varies depending on the shipping region but usually, it takes around 5-7 business days to be delivered anywhere in the world, once it’s dispatched. It usually takes 3-4 working days to dispatch the machine.
  • The shipping is insured. 
  • For International customers, the fees on import duty or customs charges will not be incurred by us. Every country’s customs policies are different and must be considered by the customers on their own.
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