Tin Lap

Tin Lap

Plastic Lap

Perfect plastic laps are carefully fabricated using high-quality plastic. If you want to polish hard and commercial stones, these laps are the most economical and effective option. Moreover, they can be used as backing discs with other polishing laps and work wonderfully with various polishing agents manufactured by us or other polishing compounds. 

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  • Made with high-quality plastic.
  • Perfectly flat and parallel to the surface to ensure great balance and accuracy.
  • An economical and effective option to polish hard and commercial stone.
  • Can be used as a backing disc for other polishing laps.
  • Works well with various polishing compounds
  • The ready-to-ship laps are available in the standard 6" and 8" diameters with a 1/2" arbor, these Plastics laps can also be custom made in your desired dimensions. Contact us for custom sizes.
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