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Unsurpassed polishing of Corundum gemstones with Corundum Polishing Lap

Worried about finding the right polishing tool for the hard Corundum gemstones family? Fret no more, as we bring to you our specially manufactured supreme Corundum Polishing Lap to solve all your concerns. 

The lapidary polishing lap is made of high-concentration and an ultra-fine diamond compound that will help you in effectively polishing gemstones that are hard and difficult to polish using traditional methods of polishing, which means stones that range above 9 on Moh’s scale, the likes of polishing Ruby, Sapphire and the entire corundum family. However, you can practically throw any stone at it and you will get a mirror-like shine. But for softer stones, we recommend other economical options here that will perform just as well. Our adept team of professionals have manufactured the lap to deliver exceptional shine and polish to the required hard gemstones. It’s available in 8” diameter. Our Corundum polishing lap is the frontier in today’s technologically advanced solutions for polishing hard gemstones.


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  • Corundum gemstones are known for their toughness and hardness, which are polished with an even harder material, i.e. diamond abrasives.
  • The polishing lap is made of highest grade RVD diamonds, and of the finest grit, which is ideal for polishing hard gemstones.
  • The diamond compound is already present in the entire layer of the lap uniformly. This means that you do not have to worry about manually applying the polishing compound to the lap.
  • The hardness of the diamond abrasives ensures superior surface polish finish to the hard gemstones, whose polishing can be tricky with alternative polishing laps.
  • To assure sturdiness of the polishing lap while operating, it is backed by a strong aluminium baseplate. 
  • The polishing lap is the most productive for hard stones of the Corundum gemstones family. It is ideal for polishing Ruby, Sapphire, and Moissanite.
  • An accurate and balanced experience is essential for precise lapping and hence, our polishing lap is made with perfection such that it provides an absolutely flat and parallel surface for polishing gemstones.
  • Constant and appropriate quantity of flow of water is required to reduce friction between the polishing gemstone and lap. It also works to minimise the frictional heat while working.
  • After prolonged use, the lap needs to be dressed to smoothen and renew the lapidary polishing surface. Usage of a dressing stick is advised for best lapidary polishing.


  • Our polishing lap is known for its characteristics of easy, fast-paced, and clean lapidary polishing results for hard gemstones.
  • The polishing lap comes with compressed and dense diamond abrasives, which ensure that there is no chipping away of the gemstone while polishing.
  • There is no need for any external lapidary polishing agent, which protects the quality of gemstones from loose polishing agents seeping into gemstones through cracks or nicks.
  • In the long-run, our lap is an economical and cost-effective choice than other lapidary polishing tools available for corundum gemstones.
  • The highest quality of material used to manufacture the polishing lap imparts endurance to the lap and hence, it has longer life for continued better polishing results of corundum gemstones.
  • It has the ability to outperform and provides unsurpassed quality results over other polishing lapidary supplies, providing you wholesome satisfaction. It does not wear away as fast as that of other suppliers of polishing laps.
  • It is easy-to-use and convenient as it can be mounted on to any lapidary polishing machines with arbor hole 1/2”.
  • The depth of the polishing region of the lap is 13.55 mm, which imparts a long-lasting life to the corundum polishing lap. More depth provides you the best lapidary polishing experience as it has more polishing area.


  • While polishing corundum gemstones, it must be kept in mind that the surface of the lap should be constantly supplied with coolant or lubricator that helps In improving the efficiency of polish and prevents overheating of the lap. Water is an ideal choice and its flow should be adequate to aid in the process of polishing.
  • This combination of diamond abrasives pressed onto the lap is ideal for hard stones belonging to the family of Corundum gemstones such as polishing Ruby or Sapphire. In order to avail best results, you must understand the type of compound or polishing agent being used in the lap. It differs according to the hardness of the gemstones. You may also check out our complete range of polishing laps here to make an informed choice.
  • To effectively polish the gemstone, the stone being polished must be moved across the lap from side to side, keeping it in constant touch with the lap. This helps in maintaining the flat surface of the polishing lap in the long-run.
  • It must be ensured that the least amount of pressure is being applied to the gemstone as it prevents chipping away of the top polished layer of the gemstone.
  • Our suggestion is to maintain the lap’s speed at a moderate level, i.e. at 1800 RPM. Otherwise, high speed may lead to high stock removal.
  • To achieve the finest mirror-like lapidary polish of the gemstone, make sure that the lap is clean after every usage and the gemstone should also be free from dust particles. This carelessness may lead to obtaining scratches on the gemstone.
  • The environment where you are polishing the gemstones must also be free from dust particles to avoid deteriorating the quality of gemstones.
  • Lastly, once the lap needs dressing, It must be done with precision and care such that a plane and flat surface of the polishing lap is obtained.


    • Arbor: ½” 
    • Diameter:  8”
    • Depth (Polishing Region): ~8mm
    • Overall Depth: ~22mm
    • Ideal Running Speed: 1800 RPM
    • Compound: Diamond 


  • Time for shipping varies depending on the shipping region but usually, it takes a maximum of 5-7 business days to be delivered anywhere in the world, once it’s dispatched. 
  • The shipping of our Corundum polishing lap is insured. 
  • The lap is manufactured and shipped from India. For International customers, the fees on import duty or customs charges will not be incurred by us. Every country’s customs policies are different and must be considered by the customers on their own.


  • For any further information or assistance, drop us an email at sales@jewelsntools.com or contact us from the website. We’d be quick to respond and glad to help.


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