Presidium Gem Indicator

Presidium Gem Indicator

Gemlogis Lapis Diamond Tester

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The LAPIS is the one and only rechargeable multi-tester you need to distinguish between diamond, moissanite, simulant, and metal. It features a unique ATC Solution (Ambient Temperature Compensation) which will make adjustments in accordance with the ambient temperature change to maintain its accuracy. This overcomes the shortcoming that many testers have, where the temperature of the stone affects the accuracy of the tester.


  • Lightweight and comfortable grip size
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Includes lanyard, metal stone rest and charging adapter
  • 10 hours on continuous operation
  • Retractable Tip Designed at an ergonomic testing angle
  • Simple and Easy to operate
  • Stone Type: Diamond, Moissanite, Simulant
  • Testing Size 0.02 Carat
  • ATC Solution accounts for a different temperature of the testing environment
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