5KG Stone Tumbler

5KG Stone Tumbler

Vibrating Tumbler

This vibrating rock tumbler is suitable for polishing stones in a batch. It comes with a high-quality fiber body which does not damage stones. Can be used with any polishing media depending upon your use
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  • High-quality fiber body
  • Linked polyethylene ensures any polishing media can be used to achieve optimum processing results
  • Suitable for a small/medium jewelry unit
  • Special rubber mold spring to provide durability
  • One year motor guarantee
  • Low noise & compact size
  • Many types of media can be used.
  • Four types of polishing media used are: 
    1. Stainless steel media - 7 Kg
    2. Ceramic media - 3 Kg
    3. Plastic media - 3 Kg
    4. Walnut media - 2 Kg


Tub Size

 22 ID x 1OH

Jewelry Capacity

 0.5 Kg

Motor HP


Motor KW


Dimensions in cm

 28 x 28 x 49

Net Weight

 7 Kg

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