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Ultrasonic Multi Drilling Machine

Ultrasonic Multi Drilling Machine

Ultrasonic Carving Machine

This Ultrasonic Carving machine is used for carving different shapes and figures on gemstones. For carving processing, it needs a steel mold. It can carve the stone according to the shape of the steel mold. It will take about 30mins to finish one carving product. The thickness range is from 1cm to 10cm. This Ultrasonic Carving Machine is suitable for most of the semi-precious and precious gemstones The Ultrasonic carving machine needs a mix of water and silicon carbide as a grinding medium.
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  • Voltage :AC 220V
  • Power :1500w/2400w/3200w
  • Frequency :15KHz—20KHz
  • Dimension :540mm×500mm×1500mm
  • 5 pcs steel molds supplied with the machine
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