Portable Gem Lab

This multi-function Portable Gemological Microscope is every gemologist's dream. It consists of all the equipment you can expect in your lab with the ease of mobility. Weighs about 10 Kgs, this lab is very easy to carry in its sturdy aluminum casing.
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Includes the following:

- Professional gem microscope with a zoom range of 7x-45x
- Gem refractometer with CZ testing table
- Polariscope with conoscope
- UV chamber with true SW/LW
- Cold light source with fiber optic cable
- Diffraction grating spectroscope
- Penlight
- 10x loupe
- Dial Gauge leverage type
- Diamond tester
- 6500K daylight
- Calcite dichroscope
- Chelsea filter
- Hardness pencil
- Diamond weighing scale
- Gem tweezer

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