Jewellery Photography Box QT-310

Jewellery Photography Box QT-310

Jewellery Photography Box QT-315

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Designed for use with consumer-oriented digital cameras, the digital photography box puts camera control in your hands.

A single switch controls the two fluorescent 5500°K lights in the bottom and back of the box. The bright white interior side panels and door provide the perfect reflective surfaces to complement the diffused lighting. The magnetically hinged door can be opened and removed in one easy step for quick and easy placement of your jewelry. It also creates a shadow-free, wraparound lighting environment ideal for jewelry photography.


  • Single-switch operation
  • Reflective lighting
  • Compact size for portability
  • Sturdy construction
  • Diffused lighting
  • Flexible camera angles
  • 5000°K fluorescent lighting
Model External Measurement Internal Measurement
QT-295 10.2"X7.8"X7.8" 7.5"X6"X5.7"
QT-300 11.8"X9.4"X9.5" 9.4"X7.4"X7.2"
QT-305 13.7"X11.8"X11.2" 11.2"X9.8"X8.8"
QT-310 15.7"X14"X12.9" 13.3"X12.2"X10.6"
QT-315 24.3"X20.1"X21.2"  20.8"X17.3"X16.9"


*Attached camera in the images is for display purpose only and is not included in the purchase

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