Gem Faceting and Polishing Machine

Looking for a good value faceting & polishing machine for your gemstones? This machine is your perfect choice.

It is built for higher productivity and precision work. It has a double-wheel design, the first and the bigger splash guard generally houses an 8" grinding lap for faceting/cutting purpose and the second splash guard is fitted with a 6" polishing lap.

This allows you to do both faceting and polishing of your stone simultaneously and saves you the time and effort that goes into inter-changing grinding and polishing laps on a single-wheel design. 

The machine is suitable for faceting and polishing almost any gemstone, like Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Quartz, Opal, and Jade to name a few in any shape of your choice.

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  • The motor is isolated from the faceting unit and rotation of the laps is facilitated using a belt between the motor and the faceting unit via an idler pulley and 2 step pulleys (one below each splash guard).
  • The idler pulley can be used for tightening the belt. The motor plate can also be moved in and out for this purpose.
  • The 2 step pulleys have multiple steps of different diameters that are used to control the rotation speed.
  • The facetor unit consists of a metal handpiece (with a rubber grip) that comes with an indexing gear at its end and 3 D-blocks for angle adjustment. Each of these D-blocks has an angle protractor that can be locked at different angles at which the stone has to be cut and polished. These are made of high-quality Bronze and Brass components. 
  • Angle adjustment on the protractor of the D-block is easy and precise. It comes with divisions of 1° from 0-90, allowing the stone to become completely horizontal or vertical with respect to the lap. 
  • The facetor unit is mounted on a vertical mast and can be moved up or down for height adjustment or even lifted off entirely for setting-up or inspection.
  • The mast can be moved in and out towards the laps (and fixed, once done) to change the position where the gemstone should be applied on the lap.
  • The facetor handpiece can be easily moved from one lap to the other. The movement is smooth and facilitated by ball bearings.
  • The indexing method for the facetor is simple. The indexing gear comes with a standard 64 divisions (can be 96 divisions if requested) to control the position of facets on the stone and can be adjusted to achieve different shapes.
  • The motor and faceting unit is mounted on a heavy base made of cast iron with zinc-coated steel legs and rubber grips to ensure stability and balance during rotation, which is very important to get precise results. 
  • Both splash guards are removable. This can come in handy when faceting and polishing the girdle of the stone. The stone can be applied purely horizontally to the laps in this case.
  • A separate table polisher is installed around the polishing splash guard for polishing the table for your stone. 
  • The machine has a compact form factor which makes it portable and easy to use. 


  • Height x Width x Depth: 460 mm X 700 mm x 450 mm
  • Motor spindle speed: 700-1425 RPM
  • Lap diameter: 8” for the bigger lap and 6” for the smaller one
  • Power required: 180 watts, Ac 220 Volts / 110 Volts
  • Net weight: 45 kg

Accessories supplied with the machine:

  • 1 Pc. 6" Copper polishing lap
  • 1 Pc. 8" Diamond polishing lap (#600)
  • 1 Pc. Aluminum master lap for backing the diamond lap.
  • 150 Pcs. Metal Dop sticks (75 for Crown side + 75 for Pavilion side)
  • 1 Pc. Facetor (Consists of a metal handpiece with an indexing gear and 3 D-blocks)
  • 1 Pc. Dop transfer jig for transferring the stone from pavilion side to the crown side and vice versa
  • 1 Pc. Table polisher
  • 2 Pc. 25 Ct. Diamond Powder Pack (#14000 and #8000)


  • The gemstone is attached to the dop stick of the facetor handpiece with the help of a glue. You can choose to either do the pavilion side or the crown side first. Attach the stone accordingly.
  • The other end of the facetor handpiece has an indexing gear. This end is placed and locked on any of the D-blocks set at the desired angle.
  • Once the dop stick is set up with a gemstone and placed on a D-block with the desired angle, the gem can be applied to the rotating grinding lap for faceting.
  • The indexing gear can be rotated and set at different values to work on different facets.
  • The handpiece can be transferred to a different angled D-block and the same process can be repeated to get different-angled facets if required.
  • After faceting is complete, the handpiece can be moved to the polishing lap and the same process can be repeated for polishing your stone.
  • Once you have completed faceting and polishing either the pavilion side or the crown side of the stone, use the transfer jig provided to change the orientation of the stone for faceting and polishing the other side.
  • Once the stone is attached using transfer jig, repeat the above process.

Advantages over other machines:

  • It is a solid value-for-money gem faceting machine that doesn't compromise on functionality and quality.
  • It is the most versatile gem faceting and polishing machine that takes care of almost every aspect of faceting and polishing of gemstone.
  • It has a double-wheel design as opposed to a single-wheel design that most other faceting machines boast.
  • As a result of the double-wheel design, it's convenient to grind and polish your stone simultaneously without having to change between grinding and polishing laps.
  • It comes with 3 angle protractors as opposed to only 1 in most other machines.
  • The 3 D-blocks can be pre-set with 3 different angles for faceting and polishing, which is a very common requirement.
  • As a result of having 3 pre-set angles, the chance of error that might occur while changing the angle every time is significantly reduced.
  • It comes with all the basic accessories that are required to start faceting and polishing of your gemstone right away and even more.

Customer Support:

We truly believe in and live by the customer-first approach in our company. You can be assured of quality support should you ever need any help in operating or installing the machine. Just drop us an email, write to us via contact us page or initiate a chat from our website, we will be at your disposal.

Shipping info:

The machine usually ships within a day or two from the date of order and is usually delivered within 10 working days across the world. However, the delivery time and shipping charges may vary depending upon your location


The machine is safely packed in a wooden box to prevent any damage during shipping.

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