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Carl Zeiss Stemi 305 Trinocular Microscope

Carl Zeiss Stemi 305 Trinocular Microscope

Carl Zeiss Stemi 305 Binocular Microscope

The ZEISS binocular optical system comes with 10x eyepieces for 8x-40x magnification and a wide viewing field for objects up to 23mm. 

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Outstanding Optics Design:

  • Apochromatic corrected ZOOM optics of ZEISS
  • Sharp, distortion-free 3D image over the whole visual field
  • Mechanical corrected ZOOM curve for largest ZOOM range 5:1
  • A sharp 3D image in each ZOOM position
  • Distortion-free 10x eyepieces with a wide field of view 23 mm at 8x
  • Individual diopter correction at each eyepiece
  • Eyepiece adjustment: 55-75mm
  • C-mount adapter: 0.5x
  • Working distance: 110mm (3,6")

Specifications of the Base:

  • Bright Field, dark field (7W Halogen) and 7W fluorescent illumination
  • Iris Diaphragm: 2mm-41mm
  • Working Distance: 110 mm
  • 0-325 degrees rotatable base
  • Inclinable up to 38 degrees for better comfort and view
  • Voltage: 100V to 240V
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